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Starting on May 23, 2017 7:30 pm

At Bath Road, Chiswick, W4, UK

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by Greg Freeman
Directed by Ken McClymont

'a thought provoking play about a leadership struggle
in a herd of donkeys'


Following on from their sell out success at the Tabard Theatre last Summer, with Sherlock Holmes and the Invisible Thing, Freeman and McClymont return with their latest production Montagu, an off-beat thought provoking play about a leadership struggle in a herd of donkeys.

Montagu is not happy. Leaders of his herd keep getting assassinated and he’s just been made the next leader. Worse still he is now faced by the two most important issues that dominates the thinking of every new leader. “How can I stay in power” and “what will be my legacy?”
Lets hope Montagu even survives the night.

Greg Freeman edited and adapted the only ever successful version of an American Sitcom 'Who's The Boss' which became 'The Upper Hand' (ITV). He has since developed a career in the theatre. Writing credits at the Tabard Theatre include the Time Out Critics Choice shows of No Picnic... Doig... and Beak Street, and also DogStar and Sherlock Holmes and The Invisible Thing.
'Theatre that from concept to execution is utterly bonkers but quite brilliant'
Timeout Critic's Choice for Greg Freeman's Doig
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'a testament to Freeman's faith in his imagination and ours'
Timeout Critic's Choice for Greg Freeman's Beak Street
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'this masterfully realised black comedy from the mad magician
of theatre is unquestionably a feast'
Timeout Critic's Choice for Greg Freeman's No Picnic
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Two of these can now be seen this summer in Austria and Scotland. NO PICNIC, is opening in Villach in the Austrian alps in July and in August, students from Napier University will be presenting DOIG THE MUSICAL, WITH NO SINGING, NO DANCING AND VERY LITTLE MUSIC at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Starring in the title role is Christien Anholt (Hamlet, Relic Hunter) who was last seen at the Tabard Theatre in Dog Ends. Jerome Ngonadi, Evelyn Craven and Georgia Robson complete the cast and Mike Leopold is the set designer.

Greg Freeman's Montagu is an allegorical and timely tale that takes a witty satirical look at leadership and power.

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